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Dr. Traci's House will be physically located in the most impoverished neighborhoods/zip codes that show the greatest socioeconomic and access needs. Research and hospital reports show that individuals that live in certain zip codes experience health complications and death more often than individuals that live in more affluent zip codes. Additionally, the cost of uncompensated or charity care is disproportionately localized in these less affluent zip codes.
As a Tampa FL based non-profit organization, Dr. Traci's House, Inc. aims to improve health equity by empowering the community within the very zip codes that currently correlate with worse health outcomes. Through its comprehensive and high-quality programming of holistic wellness services, including behavioral, physical, dental, pharmaceutical, nutritional and social services, Dr. Traci’s House will bring health, wellness and sustainability to local communities. 

At the head of Dr. Traci’s House is a woman who strives to make a difference every day, witnessed by her outpouring of advocacy work, especially concerning diabetes. Dr. Traci’s dedication to improving diabetes awareness is personal and hits close to home. Her younger brother Billy died at the age of 34 from complications of diabetes and in remembrance of him, she established an endowed scholarship at her medical school alma mater, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. She continues her local philanthropic efforts through her multi-year status as an American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure champion and serves as a board member of the Tampa Bay Community Leadership Board for the American Diabetes Association.

Dr. Traci earned her undergraduate degree in chemistry from Georgetown University, her Doctorate in Medicine from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and her Master of Business Administration from Howard University. 

Dr Traci Thompson
Dr Traci's House

Medical and Behavioral Health Clinic

Dr. Traci’s House brings together this holistic approach to health and wellness making each touchpoint in the program purposeful and mission focused. This will allow our doctors and other healthcare providers to link a child’s school performance, their nutritional and home environment, along with routine preventive screenings to create a lasting impact on that child’s ability to learn in school and be healthy. Through its comprehensive and high-quality programming of holistic wellness services, inclusive of behavioral, physical, dental, pharmaceutical, nutritional and social services, Dr. Traci’s House will bring health, wellness and sustainability from young adults to our most senior residents.

The doctors, healthcare providers, and volunteers at Dr. Traci’s House serve specifically with this community in mind. They are screened and evaluated to ensure they have a true appreciation for caring for people and seeing them thrive. This means being open to active listening, communicating effectively, and asking the right questions to find out what’s really going on. 

Dr Traci's House

Daycare and early childhood education

Nationally and statewide, children in low-income families are at-risk for poor educational outcomes. This poor educational outcome holds true for youth in East Tampa. According to the 2018-2019 survey from the Florida Department of Education, a significantly greater number of African American and Hispanic children in Hillsborough County were not promoted to the next grade.

Dr. Traci’s House will house a robust early childhood development program in our daycare and childcare center. We will collaborate with the state run Voluntary Pre-K program and Healthy start program. Dr. Traci’s House will connect with local Title I elementary schools to lend support with donated educational materials, tutors and our time. Dr. Traci’s House offers childcare services as part of its comprehensive early childhood development program and with anticipated donations can provide free and reduced rates for attendees. We collaborate with other local community organizations that offer parenting classes. Our Dr. Traci’s House navigators assist parents of young children at doctor's visits and daycare drop-offs of the available services with warm transfer to local social and medical services. We plan to partner with the local school district to provide educational support for those children
on-site, e-learning, or virtual school settings. 

Dr Traci's House

Commercial Kitchen
with nutritional support for daycare

Dr. Traci’s House will provide a commercial kitchen, nutritional counseling, and cooking classes supplying freshly prepared meals to childcare enrollees, clinic attendees, local residents and staff with proposed partnerships with local food banks and area farmers’ markets.

Given the high prevalence of obesity and heart disease in the community, the onsite commercial kitchen will also link local chefs to community outreach classes aimed at teaching residents how to prepare food using heart healthy techniques. 

Dr Traci's House

Pediatric and adult dental, vision, and pharmaceutical services

With a collaborative agreement between local dentists, eye doctors and our volunteers, our community residents will receive timely dental and vision services, focused on promoting oral and eye health early and regularly. In addition, Dr. Traci’s House encourages local pharmacists to volunteer at our site to perform medication reviews on behalf of our healthcare providers from the medical and behavioral health clinics, especially for members of the community who were just discharged from the hospital.

Dr Traci's House

Strategic partnership with local health professional schools for onsite training and apprenticeship

In addition to its role as a community health clinic that provides routine outpatient care to the local residents, Dr. Traci’s House will be an educational incubator and clinical site for health professionals in training. Through strategic partnerships with local medical schools, pharmacy schools, dental schools, and nursing schools, Dr. Traci’s House plans to be a clinic site for residents in training who want greater experience caring for low-income urban residents in a mid-sized metropolitan city.

Dr. Traci’s House desires to be a key strategic partner for local allied health schools seeking clinical opportunities for their students to be supervised in a safe and educational setting. The clinical staff will have ongoing training to provide robust educational experiences for the students and residents. The staff’s clinical schedule and patient load will be adjusted to accommodate hands-on clinical skills education for the students in training with adequate time to debrief after each patient encounter to explain the administrative side of medicine, including electronic medical record documentation, insurance encounter form completion and discuss the importance of addressing social risk factors at each patient encounter.

Dr Ttaci's House

Health technology hub for community data collection of social health needs

Dr. Traci’s House will utilize a customizable electronic health record that allows secured communication to and from other healthcare providers, secure receipt of discharge information from local hospitals, access to residents’ records, and customizable templates to allow incorporation of social services information to be not only visible but actionable by all staff at Dr. Traci’s House. As a proponent of lifelong learner, Dr. Traci’s House will actively collect and share de-identified demographic, healthcare and social data to measure our success and impact in the community.

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