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Medical & Behavioral Health Clinic

Dr. Traci’s House brings together this holistic approach to health and wellness making each touchpoint in the program purposeful and mission focused. This will allow our doctors and other healthcare providers to link a child’s school performance, their nutritional and home environment, along with routine preventive screenings to create a lasting impact on that child’s ability to learn in school and be healthy. Through its comprehensive and high-quality programming of holistic wellness services, inclusive of behavioral, physical, dental, pharmaceutical, nutritional and social services, Dr. Traci’s House will bring health, wellness and sustainability from young adults to our most senior residents.

The doctors, healthcare providers, and volunteers at Dr. Traci’s House serve specifically with this community in mind. They are screened and evaluated to ensure they have a true appreciation for caring for people and seeing them thrive. This means being open to active listening, communicating effectively, and asking the right questions to find out what’s really going on.

African American doctor with medical records

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