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Our Mission

Dr. Traci’s House, Inc. is a non-profit 501c(3) organization dedicated to improving the health, wellness, and sustainability of communities through early childhood and art education, holistic healthcare services, advanced career opportunities and comprehensive community development.


Our Vision

Dr. Traci’s House strives to be a national innovative partner promoting holistic health and sustainability in and for local communities by providing sustainable and high-quality programming that preserves cultural identity and leads to better health and better communities.


The Bigger Vision

Dr. Traci’s House is physically located in the one of the most impoverished Tampa zip codes that shows the greatest socioeconomic and access needs. Research and hospital reports show that individuals that live in certain zip codes experience health complications and death more often than individuals that live in more affluent zip codes. Additionally, the cost of uncompensated or charity care is disproportionately localized in these less affluent zip codes.

As a Tampa FL based non-profit organization, Dr. Traci’s House, Inc. aims to improve health equity by empowering the community within the very zip codes that currently correlate with worse health outcomes. Through its comprehensive and high-quality programming of holistic wellness services, including behavioral, physical, dental, pharmaceutical, nutritional and social services, Dr. Traci’s House will bring health, wellness and sustainability to local communities.

Doctor Traci's House building
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