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Diabetes Wellness Program

11 May 2022
Dr. Traci's House
Wed 11,  2:00 pm - May 11,  4:00 pm
The Diabetes Wellness Program at Dr. Traci’s House is an 8-week long, community-based, lifestyle change program that offers diabetes prevention education and support for people with and at risk for pre-diabetes. Pre-diabetes involves blood sugar levels that are higher than normal, but not yet high enough to be diabetes.

This program will teach you how to create a healthier lifestyle and prevent prediabetes and control Type II diabetes. You will:

  • Receive help from trained lifestyle coaches to make lasting lifestyle changes.
  • Learn easy ways to incorporate better nutrition and more activity.
  • Get stress management and motivation tips.
  • Join a supportive community working to reverse prediabetes.

If classes are canceled for any reason, make-up sessions will be scheduled to complete the program. The course is taught virtually online. In-person classes will also be taught at the same time at Dr. Traci’s House.

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