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Strategic Partnerships

Strategic partnerships with local health professional schools for onsite training and apprenticeship


In addition to its role as a community health clinic that provides routine outpatient care to the local residents, Dr. Traci’s House will be an educational incubator and clinical site for health professionals in training. Through strategic partnerships with local medical schools, pharmacy schools, dental schools, and nursing schools, Dr. Traci’s House plans to be a clinic site for residents in training who want greater experience caring for low-income urban residents in a mid-sized metropolitan city.

Dr. Traci’s House desires to be a key strategic partner for local allied health schools seeking clinical opportunities for their students to be supervised in a safe and educational setting. The clinical staff will have ongoing training to provide robust educational experiences for the students and residents. The staff’s clinical schedule and patient load will be adjusted to accommodate hands-on clinical skills education for the students in training with adequate time to debrief after each patient encounter to explain the administrative side of medicine, including electronic medical record documentation, insurance encounter form completion and discuss the importance of addressing social risk factors at each patient encounter.

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